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Clinicians caring for a patient in an emergency room
News at a Glance (July 2016): New findings on teen pregnancy and youth violence, plus funding to combat the opioid epidemic
Teen Pregnancy Girls whose friends experienced teen childbirth are less likely to get pregnant themselves, according to new findings from Associate Professor Olga Yakusheva, PhD, and colleagues. In addition, they determined that the friends of teen mothers were less likely to have sex as teens, and more likely to attain their college degree. Dr. Yakusheva says the findings show teens can learn from their friends’ mistakes.
UMSN Study Shows Women Lack Confidence in Maternity Care Providers
ANN ARBOR—A new University of Michigan study shows that women are even more afraid of childbirth than previously thought—and are as concerned about their health care providers and their place of birth as they are about pain or complications.The findings are a lukewarm endorsement at best of the maternity care given to mothers in the United States compared to more family friendly countries like Sweden, say the study's authors.
Four Paths to the End of Life – One Far More Expensive than Others
ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Last-ditch, high-tech heroic treatments. Days in the hospital intensive care unit.

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  • Why fear of childbirth must be studied in the U.S.

    UMSN's Dr. Lee Roosevelt shares why fear of childbirth goes beyond typical concerns. 


    Jul 27, 2016
  • News from the Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities

    This UMSN-affiliated center (also known as "SexLab") has launched a new website, with more visual appeal and information about research and projects.


    Jul 19, 2016