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Dr. Rob Stephenson
World AIDS Day 2016: UMSN Researchers on the Frontline in the Global Fight against HIV/AIDS
World AIDS Day The fight against HIV/AIDS takes center stage around the globe for World AIDS Day each year on December 1st. It’s a day to fight stigma, honor lives lost to the disease and raise awareness of related health care challenges and advancements.
Student Volunteer Gains Valuable Insights into UMSN Curriculum Decision Making
“As a student, I questioned why certain things are included in a course and now I understand much more about the amount of thought and planning that go into each class,” says Alexandra (Aly) Kreiner, a University of Michigan School of Nursing (UMSN) senior.
News At-A-Glance: (Nov. 2016) Achievements, Diversity, and the Fight against Opioids
Student Award Hillman Scholar Clare Donohoe earned an award from St.

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    UMSN's Rob Stephenson explains why internalized homophobia is linked to domestic violence. 


    Nov 29, 2016
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    UMSN's Drs. Kane Low and Roosevelt were guests on MI Radio's Stateside to discus fears of childbirth that go beyond the expected pain.


    Nov 28, 2016