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Traditional BSN Program - Sophomore Transfer Students

Admission Requirements

To be considered for the Traditional BSN Program as a transfer student either from another college/university or as a cross campus transfer from another unit within the University of Michigan, applicants must have:
  • Completed all college-level prerequisite coursework including:

    • English composition

    • Introductory Psychology

    • Developmental Psychology

    • Organic Biochemistry

    • Anatomy & Physiology

    • Electives (7-8 credits)

  • Courses with theory-base may transfer to School of Nursing programs as electives (e.g. anthropology, creative arts, economics, environmental issues, history, language, math, philosophy, psychology, sociology, science - genetics and/or microbiology recommended)

Prerequisite Coursework Notes:

  • For information on transferable coursework, review Transfer Equivalencies.

  • Sophomore-level transfer students may transfer up to 30 credits, including the prerequisite coursework, if offered admission.

  • All prerequisite coursework must be complete by the start of the fall term if offered admission. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete both the Organic Biochemistry and Anatomy & Physiology courses before the summer enrollment.

Transfer students accepted into the BSN program will be required to take N152: Assessment of Health and Illness during their first term of enrollment which will be Summer term. Sophomore transfer students begin in Level II of the BSN Curriculum.
NOTE: Applicants that have earned a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing from an accredited institution would need to apply to the Second Career Program.

Application Requirements

Deadline to Apply

Please visit UMSN's Application Deadlines page to view deadlines for our programs.

Undergraduate Admissions Application

Electronic submission via online application:

For additional details, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions:
Transfer Student Requirements.

Application Required Supporting Material

Nursing Supplemental Form
In addition to the online application, please thoroughly complete the supplemental form, available at this link: Sophomore Transfer Supplemental Form and send it to:

Nursing Supplemental Form Important Notes:
  • The subject line of the e-mail to which you attach the Supplemental Form MUST include your last name and the program of interest (e.g. Last Name, Sophomore Transfer BSN)

  • Please send the Supplemental Form as a Microsoft Excel document.

  • Even if you are still in the process of completing prerequisite coursework, please be sure to include all of the required course information on the Supplemental Form.

  • Coursework that is not listed on our Course Equivalents & Self-Review Guide or the U-M Transfer Credit Equivalencies website has not been evaluated by the University of Michigan.

  • In order to complete an evaluation of your courses, we may request additional information at a later date. Please do not send any additional information at this time. However, in order to be prepared for a possible request, please gather a complete syllabus plus a detailed course description of all courses not listed on our Course Equivalents & Self-Review Guide or the U-M Transfer Credit Equivalencies website. Again, you should not send this information unless it is requested via e-mail.

  • Application review may be delayed for candidates who fail to submit a completed Supplemental Form. As such, you should not leave spaces blank.

Resume & Essays
You will upload your resume and essays as part of the application.
Official Transcripts
Transcripts from high school and all colleges previously attended must be sent to:
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
1220 Student Activities Building
515 East Jefferson Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316

Standardized Test(s)

SAT or ACT (including writing test/section)
Send test score directly to the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • SAT code: 1839

  • ACT code: 2062

If you did not take the ACT or the SAT as a high school student, these scores are not a required element of your application. Please email if you have questions regarding this requirement.
International students must also submit scores from the TOEFL, IELTS, or MELAB. For details, see the Entrance Exams webpage.

Application Fee



See the full academic program description. For more information please sign up for a sophomore transfer information session.


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