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PDA Instructions

Viewing the Quick Tour

The best video tour of your PDA is built right in! To see the tour, do the following:

  • Turn the PDA on by pressing the power button (top right)
  • Press the hard plastic "Home" button in the lower left corner of your PDA. You should see the screen below. If not, push the button again.
    Applications screen.
  • Tap "Quick Tour" in the upper-left corner.

Charging the battery

Plug in the "multi-adapter" and the synch cable into your PDA.


Cables plugged in.

Check remaining battery time

Look for the battery indicator at the top of your Palm. The indicator below shows a full battery. The dark blue color of the battery will decrease (like a bar graph) as the battery is depleted.

Diagram showing battery indicator.

Basic navigation

If you press the home button (the hard button in the lower left corner), you will either go to the list of favorites (first image below) or the list of applications (second image below).

Favorites screen. Applications screen.

Show/hide the writing area

Tap the icon shown below to show or hide the text input area. Remember:

  • The input area will only appear if you are in an application that lets you write. It won't appear if you are looking at the Favorites or Applications list.
  • You have three choices of input areas: one puts a small, tappable keyboard (see text or video instructions) at the bottom of your screen, and two let you write on the screen in the PDA language known as Graffiti (see text or video instructions).

How to show the writing area.

Vertical / horizontal orientation

You can view your Palm either with the buttons at the bottom ("portrait" orientation) or with the buttons to the side ("landscape" orientation). It's especially helpful to use landscape orientation when viewing web pages.

Portrait orientation.
Landscape orientation.


Reset button

If your PDA "freezes up," the first thing to do is to try to turn it off. Hold down the power button for a few moments. If that doesn't work, use the stylus to press and hold the "reset" button on the back of the PDA.

Reset button.

Screen protection

The screen is the most vlunerable part of your PDA. Tossing it into a bag, then throwing your keys and water bottle on top can permanently damage the screen, even with the built-in cover.

Many people like to buy a sturdier, heavy-duty cover that snaps shut. There are many on the market; some popular ones at the SoN are:

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